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Internet Consultancy Services

Zlata Heller, M.I.Inf.Sc., M.I.T.I., D.P.S.I., N.R.P.S.I.

My Internet Consultancy Services fall into three broad categories: website design, search engine optimisation and website quality control. If you need a website, I'd be happy to design a fully validated website to meet your requirements. If you have a website which does not meet your expectations I can advise how to make it more effective, working, if necessary, with your web designer. Alternatively, I can optimise your website to improve your search engine ranking.

My Website Design Philosophy is simple. I am well aware of the current Internet issues, including the existing incompatibility of the available Internet browsers and realise that a Webpage which looks excellent in one browser may not be functional when displayed using another browser. I also know too well that exotic graphics do not necessarily contribute to the quality of a website.

Thus I keep things pretty simple but by no means dull. Before I start designing your Website I will listen to your requirements and consider carefully the image your particular business and, consequently, your Website needs to convey. I will then decide on the overall structure of the Website, colour schemes, links to be incorporated and graphics. I will use only a small amount of carefully selected graphics (which will be developed by a professional graphic designer) throughout your Site and backgrounds which will enhance the appearance of your Website without distracting visitors.

Designing a Website is, of course, just half of the whole story. What use is a Website if the Internet Search Engines, which retrieve information in response to users' search requests, can't find it? The fact that different engines index and rank Webpages differently does not exactly simplify matters. However, I understand how individual Search Engines work and, having indexed and searched for thousands of documents on numerous online information systems during my career as an information professional, I will ensure that your Website is structured in such a way that it gets a good listing. Most of the website I have optimised have achieved excellent ranking in their category on Google, for example the websites of the National Centre for Eating Disorders, Direct Chauffeur Line, DCL Minicab Insurance, Bulimia treatment etc.

If you want to have a look at some of the websites I have developed and maintain, these include (just click on the links provided to visit) Forensic Accountancy - forensic investigation specialists, DCL minicab insurance - minicab insurance consultants,Matrix Deputies - a professional organisation managing property and financial affairs of vulnerable people, National Centre for Eating Disorders - eating disorders treatment network, Williamson and Company - accountants, Taxation Management Services - taxation specialists,, Siba & Co - chartered accountants, Direct Chauffeur Line - chauffeur insurance consultants, Czech and Slovak Bar and Restaurant - Czech and Slovak Center in London, Bulimia Treatment - bulimia treatment network, Czech translations - Czech translations website, Silbiger Family Tree - name self explanatory, Sachs - legal consultancy services.

As a Chartered Member of the "Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals, I have achieved, consistently, very good rankings for many of my clients' websites. Search Engine Optimisation is a very complex area so if you need some advice in this respect please click here to contact me. However, just to illustrate the point briefly, the National Centre for Eating Disorders website if currently ranked No 4 on Google (for the search term "eating disorders) and the Direct Chauffeur Line website is ranked No 4 on Google as well (for "chauffeur insurance").

And finally, my Internet Consultancy and Website Design services are very cost effective as I keep my overheads to a minimum.

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